Construction Accidents


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Construction Site Injury- Construction workers deal with some of the most dangerous working conditions faced by employees in any industry. At KOTLAW, Pennsylvania construction accident lawyers, we understand this. Construction accident injuries can result from errors in judgment, faulty equipment, falls from scaffolds, being struck by falling materials or machinery, defective or unreasonably unsafe equipment, chemical leaks or explosions, electrical accidents, and electrocution injuries.

We know, from our many clients, as experienced Philadelphia construction accident lawyers, the extreme difficulties that have to be faced when you are injured and cannot work to support your family, and when you are in such agony that you cannot even sit. Let KOTLAW, the Philadelphia construction accident lawyers handle the litigation; you concentrate on getting better and trying to rebuild your life.

But you will always know what is happening with your case, and we want to know what is happening with you, so that we always have updated information vital to your case. You will be advised and consulted, every step of the way.

Serious personal injury and wrongful deaths happen in Pennsylvania and New Jersey construction accidents more often than people realize. Accidents on a construction sites can be the result of many problems, including inadequate safety inspections, someone else's negligence, poor equipment and OSHA violations. Owners and general contractors are obligated to keep construction sites safe. We are experienced in all facets of construction site accidents, especially in determining the complex liability situations involved when there are many different contractors on a job-site. We understand the complexities of construction laws as well as issues of owner, agent and contractor liability.

Whether you are a worker severely injured on the job, or an innocent passer-by injured in a construction site accident, the KOTLAW firm has the experience and expertise to handle your case and will get you the maximum monetary reward you are entitled to. Whether you were injured by a welding rod, a nail gun, heavy equipment, a chemical leak or an explosion, or by falling from a height, we have the legal skill and expertise to win for you.

A complete and thorough site investigation and expert review must be done before insurance company representatives and careless site inspectors change the conditions that caused you to be seriously injured. We know what needs to be done immediately to effectively bring your case and we will do it.

We are experienced Pennsylvania and New Jersey construction accident lawyers and trial experts with the skill and experience to get the maximum available money damages for you. KOTLAW is a firm of with a history of success and a multitude of satisfied clients. Put our experience, reputation and success to work for you.

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