Train Accidents


Millions of Americans use trains each day. Whether they are headed across the city to work or across the country for a family reunion, the train is often the cheapest way to get to their destination... and who can complain about the beautiful scenery? When trains aren't maintained, though, or when reckless drivers try to beat the train across the tracks, a serious accident may occur. If you've been hurt in a train accident, our Train Accident Lawyers can help you recover damages for your injuries.

Have you or someone you love been involved in a train accident? If so, contact the KOTLAW law firm. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge regarding the consequences of train accidents and can help you win the compensation you deserve.

Here are some national United States railroad accident statistics:

- Every hour and a half there is a train derailment or collision

- Every year there are approximately 3,000 train accidents

- Every year approximately 1,000 people will die as a result of train accidents

- Almost every 2 weeks a train derailment causes a chemical spill, leading up to evacuations of local residents

Railroad accidents are often caused by:

  • Collision with another train
  • Derailment
  • Collision with a car or bus
  • Mechanical failure that leads to an accident
  • Inadequate security on the train
  • Dated and unsuitably maintained tracks
  • Conductor Negligence

Since there are many factors that lead to a railroad accident, there are many people who can be held responsible for your injury, loss of income, or pain and suffering. While it's the responsibility of the railroad company to maintain the tracks and the train you ride, truck and car drivers also have the responsibility of following the laws and not trying to sneak pass the crossbars after they've been lowered.

If you've been the victim of a railroad accident, you may be able to collect damages for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost income. Attorneys at the KOTLAW law firm can help you research your case, and file your lawsuit in court.

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