When should I contact a lawyer?
You should contact us as soon as the incident occurs. The longer you wait, the more chances there are of evidence being tampered with, or disappearing altogether. There are also time limits on when you can file claims for certain accidents. The sooner you place your trust in our hands, the better represented you’ll be
How much money do I need to be represented?
Many have a misconception that it’s completely unaffordable to hire an attorney. But they don’t realize that in all cases, we are only paid from a portion of the settlements awarded at the end of the trial!
How long will my case last?
Each case is different. It will vary upon the circumstances of the claim, the evidence collected, and the individuals involved, but can range from three months to several years.
Will the person that caused the accident have to pay the settlement personally?
In most cases, each defendant will have bought insurance (be it drivers, homeowners, or property), and the insurer pays out the claim to the entire legal defense. They also payout any settlement against the defendant. For large corporations that don’t have insurance, they typically pay settlements out-of-pocket.

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