Explosion & Burn Injuries


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Explosions-especially those on industrial work sites -can usually be traced back to negligence. When many independent companies are delivering, storing, or using flammable liquids at a work site, there is a huge potential for an injury-causing explosion.

At an oil refinery, flammable liquids are transported in, stored, and transferred out. Each transfer must adhere to strict safety standards to prevent explosions.

Utilities use flammable fuels to produce electricity. If the processes and systems are not properly managed, life-threatening explosions can result.

Propane tanks that are used to heat rural homes can be dangerous when refilling and reconnect processes are not properly done. Such explosions put the home and its residents at risk for burn injuries.

A punctured car or truck gasoline tank can suddenly explode making a serious auto accident even worse. Car fires -whether after an accident or as a result of leaking flammable fluids-can cause serious burn injuries and wrongful death.

At the KOTLAW burn injury law firm in Philadelphia, we have the experience and resources it takes to investigate explosion accidents, understand the technology, and determine the liable parties. We also understand the complex medical issues surrounding explosion burn injuries.

If you have been burned in an oil refinery explosion, a car fire, or a propane tank explosion, or if a relative has died because of an explosion, know your rights. Talk to a burn injury lawyer at the KOTLAW law firm.

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